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Canis familiaris

Domestic dog Canis familiaris info
sound Barks coming from different dogs are easily distinguishable by ear – please listen barks from eight Borzoi dogs, one bark per dog
soundBesides the barking, the dogs also whine at very high frequency
sound The more variable whines, the easier to obtain a piece of delicacy
soundIt is difficult to believe, that these sounds are emitted by a 70-kg male Caucasian shepherd!
sound Some dogs are able to sing and join in a song to their owners
video Dogs utter a high-frequency whine through the nose, and when they open the mouth, a second low-frequency sound is added

Felis catus

Domestic cat Felis catus
A cat in a good mood purrs when communicating with her girl owner
sound Meowing of an adult female cat
sound A female cat is angry, meows, growls and hiss

Bos taurus domestica

Domestic cow Bos taurus domestica

sound Loud mooing of a cow, calling for her calf

Capra domestica

Domestic goat Capra domestica

soundBleating of a one-month-old goat
sound Loud calls of an adult female, housed separatedly
sound Calling-over in a herd of indigenous Camerun goats
sound Billy-goats don't bleat, but snort and sound hoarsely
video During rut, the billy-goats often go with one's tongue hanging out, and snort loudly through the nose

Ovis ammon

Domestic sheep Ovis ammon f. aries

sound Loud calls of an adult female, separated from a group
soundCalls of different animals at begging for food from people are strongly different even by ear
videoAdult ram is responding to a call of an adolescent ram
videoAt emission of their loud calls, ewes widely open the mouth, so that the tongue is becoming vell visible

Sus scrofa domestica

Domestic pig Sus scrofa domestica

sound Grunting of an adult female pig and screams of her piglets





Domestic goose Anser domestica

soundThree adult geese exchange calls with each others
sound Mother goose with goslings is hidden by a fence, and a gander who lost them, is calling loudly
sound Goslings' squeaks and calm gaggling of their parents
soundLoud gaggling of a courting gander

Anas domestica

Domestic duck Anas domestica

sound Quacking of an adult female duck


Gallus domestica

Domestic hen Gallus domestica

sound Brood hen exchange calls with her chickens
video Constant chirping of chickens allows to a brood hen to monitor them in dense grass

Numida meliagris

Guinea-hen Numida meliagris

sound Calm shouts in a group of guinea-hens
sound Trilling call sequence


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